Depending on the timber type being used, the gates can either be left natural- "naked” (cedar or kwila) or finished in a stain or paint. The type of finish needs to be specified at the outset.

While there are a number of stains and paints available on the market we tend to use Resene paints, Sikkens or CD50 stains, unless specified otherwise. 

Resene paints 
We apply a four coat spray finish to the gates. The gates are sanded, primed, sanded and filled, undercoated with the two top coats finishing the process to provide a superb factory finish.
Resene "Cool Colours” technology allows us to use some darker colours over pine. 

A stain available in a number of colours. We apply one coat at the factory with subsequent coats being to customer care. 

A high quality, UV protecting exterior varnish/stain. 3 coats are applied at the factory, with maintenance coats being required around every 2-3 years, depending on location.