Wooden Gates


In this section you'll find the answers to a lot of questions you may have.

Can wooden gates be automated?

Yes. All our premier range gates are designed, and constructed, to be automated.

Do you automate the gates as well?

Yes, we can do everything from, design, make, install and automate.

Can I get a sliding gate made in wood?

Yes. We make all gate styles as ether swing gates or sliding gates. We make sliding gates in all sizes. The biggest solid timber gate we have made is around 7 metres long.

What sizes do you make?

All our gates are made to the specific order. Our price lists show the prices for 1 metre wide pedestrian gates and 3 metre wide driveway gates. This is a guide only as every gate is hand made to fit a specific gap. We do carry a small stock of standard design pedestrian gates just in case.

How long does it take to get a gate?

A general rule is around 6 weeks from the date of order. This can be shortened for urgent jobs and is also dependant on whether we are painting or not.

Can I paint the gates myself?

Yes. Most of our gates are factory painted but we also supply gates unpainted, or primed only.

Can I arrange for installing the gates myself?

Yes. They can be installed by yourself or a builder. We are able to provide instructions on the recommended method of installation, if required.

How long will they last and do you guarantee them?

We use premium grade timber and with our construction methods you can depend on them lasting well. As with all products, the more care you take of them, the better they look, work and last. We guarantee that the gates will not sag or drop. 

Wooden Gates Waiuku has been making gates for 30 years and there are still fine examples of gates that have been in place for 20 years plus. We have a solid reputation for our quality of product, service and support.

What is the difference between wooden gates and aluminium gates?

Aluminium gates are generally lighter and also a lot thinner than our wooden gates.. Wooden gates, being produced from sustainable forest timbers are eco friendly. The look of the property normally dictates what gates will look the best. Solid timber has a strong or "grunty” look and feel which enhances many properties. We also produce aluminium framed gates where this option is of benefit.

Is it true that wooden gates warp and twist?

No. Provided the correct timbers are used for the required finish, we guarantee our gates to be stable and long lasting. Timber, being a natural product, will always have some minor movement in it as the environmental conditions change. Our experience is that ground movement is the major cause of gates coming out of adjustment and this affects wood, steel or aluminium gates whether or not they are supported on wood, steel, concrete, brick or stone supports.

How heavy are the gates?

The weight depends on the size, style and type of timbers used. So long as the appropriate strength supports are used, weight is not an issue. The hinges carry all the weight of a swing gate and sliding gates run on ball bearing wheels. Even the largest of gates can normally be moved easily by a hand, or even a finger. We can advise on this if it is an issue.

I am concerned about my gates being graffitied

Our experience is that very few of our gates are vandalized. Painted gates can be protected with a graffiti guard product, or painted over. Stained or unfinished gates need to be sanded back. Aluminium gates are a problem to repair. Gates are normally part of a house owner’s insurance policy so willful or accidental damage can be claimed under an insurance policy.

Do you supply anywhere in NZ or overseas?

Yes. We also have agents around the country.

If you have any questions submit them to us and we will respond.