Almost anything can be done with Automated Driveway Gates

All motors have some form of manual release. If there is a power failure, or something prevents the motor from operating, the gates can be opened and closed manually. Always think of how to get out of the property. An exit button, exit keypad, infra red beams or a vehicle proximity loop are all methods of exiting without having access to the remotes.





Magnetic locks can be fitted on most gates. These, and automatic gate openers, can be operated remotely using radio transmitters (pendant style remote controls), keypads, computer systems and buttons, cell phones, WIFI and security systems. Audio intercoms, video intercoms, surveillance cameras, swipe cards, and electronic key activators can all be used. To prevent the gates opening, or closing, when obstructed, safety beams can be deployed.




Gate activation is normally driven off wiring coupled to the property’s electric system (240 v) Depending on the brand of motor, and distances to be wired the motors themselves may run on either 240 or 24 volt supply. Where it is not possible (or too costly) to connect mains power, a combination of wireless communications and solar or wind power may be an option.




There are many automation companies operating around the country. Whilst we prefer to supply and fit our gates with the automation that we use to our specifications, there are many providers who can do automation. Make sure that their equipment is good and they can provide the appropriate level of back up service and support. You should expect automation to be hassle free for many, many years, given a bit of regular maintenance.