Swing Gates

All our Wooden driveway gates can be automated to have ease of access and security

There are essentially three different types of automatic openers for swing driveway gates


a) Linear (ram) arms mounted onto the back of the gates. We recommend that these be fitted to the bottom rail of the gate frame. There is considerable force exerted by these motors. They should be bolted through the gate with face plates used as necessary. To operate , the back of the gate must normally be no more than 80mm from the back of the post.


b) Articulated (scissor)  arms are also mounted to the back of the gate. These are used where the gates are mounted further than 80mm from the back edge. These motors put less stress on the gates but because of their size and shape, are more visible. Best on larger posts or pillars.


c) In ground motors mounted in the ground underneath the gate. These are used where it is either not possible to mount onto a pillar or the gates, or for aesthetic purposes. Very neat but more expensive to supply, and install.


For all swing gates we recommend the use of a gate stop mounted in the centre of the driveway for the gates to close against. Where gates are subject to higher winds, or are to be left in the open position, we recommend that there is some form of gate stop also in the open position. For large single swing gates, we also recommend fitting a magnetic clamp to the gate for use when it is in the closed position.