Wooden Gates

Metro Gates - Lower priced gates

The gates in this selection offer lower priced gates than in our Traditional, City and Country Presentation ranges.

They are made to a lighter specification (42mm thick) with less detailing but using the same materials as our "Presentation” (70mm thick) gates. Each gate is hand crafted and guaranteed.

"Metro gates” are ideal for inside property use such as between house and garage, house and boundary fence, garden or living area and also for entrances where good looking quality gates are desired. The range comprises 3 basic designs that can be mixed and matched with different infill options to achieve the required look.

We can also customize the standard designs to meet your specific requirements. This generally equates to around a 10% surcharge, depending on the type of variation.Metro gates are made as pedestrian gates or driveway gate pairs to a maximum opening of 3.75 metres. If automation is to be considered we recommend going to our heavier gate specification. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Supply options are for either unpainted, primed or fully painted. For gates being painted in a light colour (RV >50) we recommend and guarantee pine: for unpainted, stained or dark colours we recommend and guarantee cedar.